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8 Free Cloud Storage Apps for iPad

Cloud storage is a best way to sync and access your device files from anywhere. It a best option to keep your personal photos and files safe.

Use free cloud storage services based iOS apps to store your iPad files online.

free cloud storage

Dropbox for iPad

Store and access  docs, images and videos anywhere (computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod). It is a most famous cloud storage service which provides 2 GB free storage and also offer to 500 MB for each referral  (16GB limit).

OneDrive for iPad

Another most famous cloud storage app to backup  your photos, videos, document and files. Its offer 15GB free lifetime storage. You can open OneDrive files in other apps like Office apps.

Google Drive for iPad

Google is a internet giant. its provide free cloud storage service. Upload and store images. email documents, PDFs and html files on the cloud with 15GB free storage. You can share this files to anyone with users permissions. Also view files in offline.


Mega offer 50 GB free storage space . It a best one to store all your iPad data to cloud.

Copy for iPad

Its provide 15 GB  free cloud storage space to store photos, videos and files..  You can get extra 5GB for the user referral (25 GB limit).


Save files, notes and media files. Its offer 10GB free cloud storage. Store, search and view different types of files formats like .word,.excel,PSD and PDF.


10GB free cloud storage space and 20GB limit free space for user referral.


iCloud is a Apple’s own cloud storage service. It a popular cloud storage service to store, sync and access your photos, documents, PDFs,spreadsheets and presentations from any where and any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac).

Easily sync and access data between Apple devices. It you are non Apple users and signup cloud service, you will get 1 GB free cloud storage. If you signed from your Apple device, you will get 5 GB free cloud space.

Also try SurDoc (100GB to 1TB),  cubby (5 GB) and SugurSync  (premium) iPad cloud storage apps.

Fixed : iPad Mini Won’t Turn on

My iPad Mini suddenly turn off and won’t turn on. I searched google and found lot of solutions for this issue. Doing a hard reset fixed my iPad Mini won’t turn on issue.

But some of this methods will fix your iPad Mini issue too.

1. Do a Hard Reset

Press and hold the power button and home button together until Apple logo appears on iPad screen.

iPad won't turn on

2. Clean the iPad charging port and use different cable

Most of the time this problem happened because of the dust in charging port. Clean the iPad mini charging port using air (hair dryer in low settings) to clean dust.  Try to use Different USB cable (I found this cable in Amazon. Really good).

3.  Check the battery charge and use different charger

Try to charge your iPad Mini atleast 20 minutes. Try to use different charger. I found this cable in Amazon. Quite good.

4. Charge your iPad Mini in dry and little bit hot place

Weather, snow dry iPad Mini battery fast. So charge your battery in dry and little bit hot place in your room.

5. Check your iPad Home button. It might be broken.

Oh my god! Still my iPad Mini won’t turn on…..

If you can’t find solution for iPad Mini won’t turn on problem, put your iPad Mini into recovery mode. This mode erase all data in iPad. So first backup your tablet using iTunes or iCloud.

  1. Turn off iPad Mini
  2. Connect USB cable to computer (but do not connect it to  iPad Mini)
  3. press and hold the tablet Home button while plugging into USB cable.
  4. Release the home button when you see the screen.
  5. iTunes automatically open in Mac or Windows and show message like it detect  your iPad Mini in recovery mode.
  6. Click Ok and restore your device in recovery mode.

Still you can’t fix this issue, take your iPad Mini to nearest Apple care.

Do not forget to comment your own solutions.

Exchange Email : “Cannot Get Mail, connection to server failed”, fix

When users try to setup their Exchange account via iPhone, the account comes back as verified (users can connect to exchange server without any issue). But users can’t get any mail. They getting “Cannot Get Mail, connection to server failed” error.

Fix 1: Reduce the number of Mobile partnerships

  1. log into your personal or company’s Exchange webmail, go to Options -> Phone -> Mobile Phones  Delete old unused partnerships such as a Samsung tablet or Asus phone which you are not using now
  2. Then exist.
  3. Your iPhone or iPad might started receiving email from the Exchange server.

Fix 2: Change the “Mail Days to Sync” field to “No Limit”

Fix 3:-

This problem mostly happened in Android and iPhone with Activesync.

  • Connect to the internal network via Wi-Fi,
  • On your iPhone, configure the Exchange account to use the internal name of the mail server. Ex:  “Exchange” (netbios name of your internal Exchange server).  It refresh certificate on the iPhone and allow it to connect.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and use 3G to connect & editing the Exchange account on iPhone to use the EXTERNAL address for sync (external DNS name or IP external address. Ex: “”

Fix 4:- Delete the account, reset the network settings and reboot your iPhone.

Fix 5:- Disable mail option for each account. After few minutes later, re-enable them.

  1. In Microsoft Exchange Management Console, navigate to Recipient Configuration -> Mailbox and double click the user.
  2. In User Properties, navigate to the Mailbox Features tab and choose Exchange ActiveSync.
  3. With Exchange ActiveSync option selected, press the Disable button and then click the Apply button.
  4. Wait few minutes and click Enable button.
  5. On your iPhone, refresh the exchange account.

Fix 6: Also try Microsoft support article.